Be Not Afraid

Songs of Joy

Just in case I haven’t already told you in person or through some other form of social media, Mike and I found out yesterday that there has been no increase in activity in the mass that remains (and may always remain) in my chest! This means that the present activity is almost certainly not cancer, but rather inflamation and/or thymic rebound. Thus, there is no need for radiation, and the chest pain I’ve been feeling is just scar tissue.


I am endlessly grateful for the doctors and nurses who have cared for me, especially my amazing oncologist, my incredible and loving family and friends, and all of you who keep reading my words, following my story, and praying for me.

Mike, John Paul, and I are celebrating in beautiful Colorado this weekend. We’ll be on a retreat in the mountains and I’ll be thanking God with all my heart through prayer and song. For I have seen how faithful and loving God is – when our prayers bring forth the answer we’ve been hoping for and even when they do not. Only God completely understands the ways of this life, and only in glorious union with Him will we find true healing, understanding, and peace.

“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” Psalm 126


If you have been praying for me or sending positive thoughts my way, thank you is all I can say – though it hardly seems enough! I would be so grateful if you would replace those prayers for me with prayers for a young woman named Angela Faddis. Angela is a young mother of two who has been fighting Stage IV Colon Cancer for a little over a year. Pray for peace and comfort for her and her beautiful family, and especially for complete healing.

And may you have a beautiful, joyful weekend!

Love, Allison


  1. Jonnie Hickman

    Blessed be the name of the Lord! I will continue to pray Allison. Do you think it a miracle? I do. Thank you Lord. This weekend I am heading to a Adult Cancer Camp Bluebird in the state of Indiana. Bluebird – totem symbol of health and hope. It is held twice a year and I have made some very beautiful friends at camp. This is my 7th camp. My prognosis was 6 months to a year without treatment. I thought the first camp was all I would be here for… SCORE ULTIMATE HEALER!!!!! In the next couple of months I will move to Houston Bay Texas. I am seeking treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I am going to dedicate my Saturday morning meditation to you and give great Thanksgiving. =)

  2. Lori Heinen

    Allison, I am so happy and grateful! You are a beautiful example of someone who gives God the glory, even in the midst of extreme suffering. Perseverance is producing character and hope in you, and we are all influenced by your example. May God richly bless your respite!

  3. Carolyn Heffner

    I will continue to pray for you and who are going through so many problems in our world. Bless you, and know that our father in Heaven watches over all of us. love to you and husband, baby, and family. Please enjoy all you can. Carolyn

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