Be Not Afraid

A Glimpse of the Father is Enough

For the past few nights Mike and I have brought John Paul into bed with us.  Partially because the nasty cough he has is making us a little nervous, and partially because we haven’t had a chance to lower his crib mattress yet, which is necessary to fix this problem:Baby Standing in Crib

The other night, as we all laid in bed together, the voices of Mike and I talking awoke John Paul.  He popped his head up abruptly, looked at Mike, and smiled.  With obvious effort he tiredly held his head up for a minute, a huge grin on his face, then promptly plopped it down, going back to sleep.  I wouldn’t have noticed if Mike hadn’t pointed it out, but as he lay there snoring, the smile stayed on his face.

Our sweet boy, reassured by a mere glimpse of his father’s loving facing, slept soundly and peacefully for the rest of the night.  And I awoke to this sweet sight:  Sweet sleeping baby

And the following day, to this happy boy:Happy Baby in Morning

Watching my son, amidst the never-ending worries and questions of my restless heart, I’m reminded of the beautiful truth that a glimpse of our loving Father is enough.  We can drive ourselves crazy endlessly striving for answers to “Why?,”  “When?”  and “How?”  But what if we instead strived to cultivate patience and live a life of trusting hopefulness?  What kind of beautiful contentment might we then discover?


    • Thank you so much for your kind words Lisa! You are so sweet. And he is a cutie, though I might be a bit biased…. 🙂 I’m so glad the post cheered you-that is so great to hear! I find it hard to be down in the dumps for long when JP is around!

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