Be Not Afraid

31 Days of Facing My Fears: Day 28 Snow in October

Sometimes, strange things happen.  Such as snow in October.

Snow in Autumn Colorado

It happened two years ago during the first fall I lived in Colorado.  Then, it was surprising and strange.  It happened today, during the first fall I am living in Virginia.  This is even stranger.  Pristine, white, freshly fallen snow, gently resting on crackled leaves the color of the sunset is not something I’d ever expect to see, especially on the mid-atlantic coast.  But in all of its unusual glory, it’s pretty darn incredible.

Corn Maze with Snow

And so today, I am thanking God for the beautiful, unusual, striking reminder that in the unexpected, we can find unparalleled beauty.

Denver Snow in October

My prayer for all of us today is that when we feel anxious or afraid of the future, we remember these striking images of snow in October, and feel at peace.  For, although the future might bring things we could never have fathomed or expected, it can also bring unparalleled beauty.

Thank you for joining me on my 31 day challenge!

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  1. Sherry Willems

    Not only are you an incredible writer, singer, and song writer, you have an amazing talent in photography. Love the photos!!! Love the message!!!! Love you, Mom

  2. These photos are so lovely; I like the shot of the bench in particular! As I walked through the snow today, I was wondering what you would post. It didn’t disappoint; in fact, it never does! 😉

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