Be Not Afraid

31 Days of Facing My Fears: Day 23 Showing Delight in Others

There’s a face that John Paul makes fairly often, and it looks like this:
Delighted Baby
(John Paul looking at Daddy.)

John Paul has no problem showing others how he much he delights in them.  If he loves you, he lets you know.  His love for you is displayed all over his face.  He’s too young and too innocent to worry about whether or not you love him back, what you think of him, or what might happen if he shows you his delight.  All he knows is that seeing someone he loves makes him happy, and without reservation, he allows that happiness to shine forth from his face.  It is beautiful to behold.

Happy baby on swing
(John Paul looking at Mom-Mom.)

Unfortunately, after getting older and becoming more self-aware, I find it harder and harder to express my delight in others without fear.  Too often, when I meet someone I know I want to be around, I shy away, too worried about whether or not they want to be around me.  Too often, when I consider being vulnerable with a friend, I shy away, too worried about whether or not they’ll accept the real me.  And too often, when I consider telling someone how much they mean to me, I shy away, too worried about whether or not they’ll reject me.

And yet, I will never forget sitting in the car with my dear friend Sarah a few years ago, sharing the beautiful song, “Every Minute,” with her, and telling her how much her friendship meant to me.  Because from that moment on, we were able to have a deeper, more meaningful friendship, one that I so cherish today.  I strive to always remember the beauty of that moment, and to overcome my fear of rejection, so that I might build others up and grow deeper in relationship with them.  For what else are we meant to on this earth but support and love each other well, without fear or reservation, just as God supports and loves us?

My prayer for you today is that you face your fear of rejection and not shy away from showing delight in others.  Using words and actions, let others know how much they mean to you, so that you might enter into deeper, more meaningful relationships.  Be as Christ to others by affirming their presence, always remembering how the Lord delights in you.

“I am long on staying
I am slow to leave
Especially when it comes to you my friend
You have taught me to slow down
And to prop up my feet
It’s the fine art of being who I am

And I can’t figure out
Why you want me around
I’m not the smartest person I have ever met
But somehow that doesn’t matter
No it never really mattered to you at all

And at the risk of wearing out my welcome
At the risk of self-discovery
I’ll take every moment
And every minute that you’ll give me .”

Click here to hear Every Minute by Sara Groves.

And to support this incredible artist, click here to buy her music.

Thank you for joining me on my 31 day challenge!  (And for forgiving me for the need to combine some days here and there due to the craziness of life with a baby!)

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  1. LOVE that song…& the way it articulates the risk & reward of loving another person fully.
    Also, way to go on this 31-day challenge, Alli! I’m impressed by how you’ve posted beautiful pictures and thought-provoking content so consistently…& I feel blessed to be included in all that you are discovering.

  2. I just today found your blog on the 31 day linky. What a beautiful inspiration you are! I think it is so wonderful that you were able to sing to your precious son for his baptism. God is good all of the time!

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