Be Not Afraid

Some Good News (PET Scan Results)

By Mike

Allison began her next round of chemo today, and she is pretty exhausted.  But she wanted me to update everyone with the good news we received today.  As many of you know, Ali had a PET Scan done last Wednesday to check on the progress of her treatment.  The scan showed that her tumor has continued to shrink and is much less active than it originally was.

Originally, Allison had a large tumor (12 cm x 13 cm x 11 cm), a smaller tumor (2.7 cm maximum diameter), and slightly enlarged lymph node (1.6 cm maximum diameter).  All that is left now, after four rounds of treatment, is a small tumor measuring 3.7 cm x 5.6 cm x 4.3 cm.  The smaller tumor and enlarged lymph node are fully resolved, and the large tumor is considerably smaller.  The analogy that many of the doctors used at the beginning of all this was that Allison had a “softball sized” mass in her chest.  According to her Dad and Uncle John’s calculations, her mass is now only “golf ball sized.”

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We couldn’t keep moving forward without you.


  1. Erica (Williams) Kreller

    Allison, I am so happy to hear your PET scan results!! We pray for you every night and follow the blog religiously. I get to hear the Folk Choir tomorrow, and I’ll be thinking of you and Mike and little John Paul and all of the FC ’06 people. Lots of love, Erica

  2. Fran Hazel

    WONDERFUL NEWS, MICHEAL!!!!!! We will all keep praying!!!!!! Give our Love to Allison AND Kisses to John Paul!!!!

  3. Clete Willems

    Prayers and great medical care, the perfect tonic for what ails you! I’ll do my part and keep praying for all those sunny and cheerful times ahead.

  4. Kathy Basler

    Prayers are being answered! Great news about your test results, Allison.
    I know you’ll keep up the fight with your incredible faith and strength.
    Prayers will continue to flow from Kenosha!
    kathy basler

  5. Diane Pfarr

    All praise, honor and glory to the Great Physican … wonderful news. Our prayers continue for you, JP, Mike and your extended family!

    Diane and Donny

  6. Kathy Wilcox

    Ali: So glad to hear the good news – Know that you and family are daily in my prayers and thoughts! What a strong support system you have, I’m sure that helps to keep your spirits upbeat! Love to you all, Kathy

    • Kathy thank you so much for your message. I hope you know that you and Brad are also in my daily thoughts….I truly think of you all the time. I pray that your chemo is going as well as possible and that you are feeling strong. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful support system! It is so helpful, and I thank God for such wonderful people every day.

  7. Sarah Goller

    Ali!!!! What amazing news! Thank god- your strength, a lot of prayers, and modern medicine are working wonders. I am so happy to hear this!!

  8. Sister Susan Dunn

    Please know of my thoughts and prayers for you, Mike and John Paul at this difficult time. Am just catching up with all of your news and will have a candle lit in the Grotto today.
    Love and prayers,
    Sr. Sue

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