Be Not Afraid

Thank You

I just wanted to let those of you who aren’t on facebook know that I came home from the hospital Monday afternoon.  After being treated for an infection and having a blood transfusion my fever came down and I felt much better.  Yesterday I had my PICC line re-inserted, and while it hurt and was a little scary, knowing of all the prayers I had with me made it much easier to face.  Thank you so very much for your prayers and thoughts-it means more to me than you’ll ever know.

I was very excited that my doctor gave me the go ahead to still go on my trip to Wisconsin!  I’m home now and can’t wait to introduce John Paul to his two great grandmothers and great aunt.  Please know of my prayers for you, and thank you again.

Love, Allison


  1. Aunt Cathy

    Glad the PICC line is back in place and you can get on with your life and look forward to your trip! Have a wonderful time!!

  2. Kristin Jeffery Payne

    I’m glad to hear the good news Ali! Hang in there, you’ve come so far already. BTW, can’t believe you never tried crunchy Cheetos before, they’re the best:) Love you and praying for you, hope you get a good report this week. Let me know when you’ll be in WI, I’ll be there June 28-July 4.

    • Thanks so much Kristin!! I would love to see you sometime in WI, I’ll def let you know if we overlap!! Thank you for being so supportive….I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.

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